Painkiller- Three Days Grace

Newly Released Single from Three Days Grace!
Let me first start off by saying that I 100% support Matt as the new lead singer. His voice is much different from Adam’s, but I feel that it fits with TDG.

I honestly did not expect a new song so soon. It has been about 15 months since Adam left, and usually it takes Three Days Grace 3 years to put out new content. Don’t believe me?
– Self-titled–> 2003
– One-x–> 2006 (released on my birthday :))))) )
– Life Starts Now–> 2009
– Transit of Venus–> 2012
I wasn’t expecting to hear any new content until late-2014 to mid-2015, so this comes as a welcoming surprise.

“Painkiller” has a much different sound than TDG’s usually songs. You can definitely hear the My Darkest Day’s influence in the beat. TDG is stepping away from their old roots and jumping into something new, which I am excited to experience.

While I understand everyone has their opinions on TDG’s new sound, any comments that are along the lines of “I miss Adam </3” will not be posted. It has been approximately 15 months. I understand you miss him but those types of comments are extremely annoying.


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